Fast Path - What you'll get

What you'll get...
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A predictable schedule you can actually plan your life around

All Fast Path classes will be held at the same time on the same days of the week throughout the length of the program. So whether it’s work or family obligations, or just being able to plan ahead, you’ll always have a schedule you can depend on.

A fully mapped program guaranteed to transfer

One of the biggest challenges students often face is finding the right classes at the right time that they know will transfer. Fast Path takes the guesswork out of creating a schedule that will work. You’ll know on day one exactly what classes you’ll take, when, and where.

A rigorous curriculum designed for today’s learner

Research has shown that students learn best in programs that combine elements of both traditional and online instruction. With that in mind, Fast Path classes have been carefully designed to maximize student engagement and success through a blend of face to face and online activities and materials.

A concentrated learning experience

Students in Fast Path take just two classes at a time for eight weeks. It sounds intense, but the truth is, this format allows you and your teacher to focus on the material at a pace that maximizes learning while eliminating distractions and busy work.

A support system you can rely on

Students in Fast Path take classes as part of a cohort, meaning that you and your classmates will experience everything together as a team. Being part of such a learning community means you’ll always have classmates to turn to for help! In addition, all Fast Path students will have a faculty member who will act as a mentor, guide, and coach throughout their time in the program.

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